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Where are you located + do you travel?

I’m based out of Portland, OR and HELLS YEAH! I absolutely looove traveling for weddings whether it’s a few hours away or out of state (or country)! If you’d like to book me for an out of state session or wedding, just hit me up and I’d be happy to get you an exact quote + more details!

A few places I've traveled to already:
Utah - Arizona - Colorado - Idaho - Northern California - Washington - Pennsylvania - Mexico

Do you charge extra for traveling?

Currently I do custom travel rates. Here’s how it works! When you first reach out + are interested in booking a destination wedding or elopement with me, I send my pricing your way + also give you a pretty rough estimate on how much travel would cost for the timeframe your day is in. If you’re good with the estimate I give you, we’ll go ahead + book! I keep an eye on flights + other travel needs for a little while until I find the most affordable rates I can find, then send you a separate invoice for the total travel cost!

Can we book your flights + lodging for you?

I always always always book my own flights + lodging for destination weddings to ensure I get there in time (I’ve heard too many horror stories of photogs being late to not)! But keep in mind, I’m NOT out to break your bank by booking only high end Airbnbs and luxury flights. I search for + book travel accommodations as if I’m paying out of my own wallet and always look for chances to stay with a friend in the area to save wherever I can!

Do you offer unedited photos?

Unfortunately, I don't offer or deliver ANY Raw or unedited photos to anyone at this time. First, Raw photo files are huuuge, can be very complicated and even expensive to deliver, plus most people often don't have to right software or storage to even view them. Secondly, my contract states that any and all photos I take are legally owned by my business. Transferring/selling those copyrights to someone else is out of my expertise, prohibits me from using them for anything in my business (like marketing), and is VERY expensive. Third, photography is my art form, and my editing and unique style is part of what you pay for! I pour hours of time into selecting the best photos and turning them into beautiful aesthetic snapshots you'll treasure for the rest of your life!

When will I get my photos back?

6-8 weeks for weddings + elopements
4-6 weeks for portraits + engagements

How long have you been shooting weddings?

My first time ever shooting a wedding was a second shooting gig with a photographer friend of mine in 2014 (Sarah if you’re out there reading this I am SO SORRY for being so clueless…she’s a champ you guys)! After a little more second shooting experience under my belt, I shot my first two solo weddings in August of 2017! Since then I’ve been so dang blessed to work with so many amazing couples on the biggest day of their life!

Do you use flashes or artificial light sources?

Since I’m a huuuge fan of natural light, I always always always prefer natural light sources over artificial ones! Natural light works straight magic with nailing down beautiful skin tones AND doesn’t require lugging a million pounds of gear with me everywhere! My style + editing also relies heavily on natural tones + light the sky gives, and artificial light just doesn’t quite cut it for me. That being said I definitely know that on a wedding day I won’t always have natural light available after the sun sets + the dance party is still going strong. So in situations like these, I do use a flash to get high quality, non-grainy photos!

How many photos can I expect from my wedding/photoshoot?

For weddings, I generally deliver around 70 to 100 images per hour of coverage, so for a 7 hour wedding you can expect at least 600 to 700 images in your gallery. I deliver around 60 to 70 images for my one to two hour couples sessions. But I don’t put a limit on how many photos I give you, I just deliver all the good ones!

Do you offer discounts?

At this point in my business, I don’t. I’m a huge believer in giving every single client an amazing experience as well as make sure my time + work spent the weeks after the wedding or session is taken into consideration. Because of this, it wouldn’t be fair to my full paying clients (and myself) to hand out discounts at this point!

Do you offer shorter sessions or mini sessions?

Yes, but I do them on a seasonal basis only. I typically do these little mini session marathons every fall or winter in a super cute photo studio, but this depends on availability, and so depends on the year! I don’t offer mini sessions all year round because with the way I schedule + the way my business works, it’s just not possible to schedule small sessions super often. I’m also a huge advocate for using photography as a storytelling tool, and in order to do that well, I need a little longer than 30 minutes on location!

Do you offer video as well as photo?

Not currently! Photography is what I specialize in, but I know lots of INCREDIBLE videographers in the area who are local and travel as well! Like for real let's take a second and appreciate how freaking amazing videographers are...great! ;) I'd love to get you in touch with them so just shoot me a message and I can get you connected!

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