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In case it’s your first time meeting me on here, my name’s Elena (but you can call me Lennie)!

I’m a destination photographer serving carefree + adventurous couples who just want to be themselves and forget there’s a camera pointing at them. I’m all about DIRECTING over posing, and thinking of my shoots as third wheeling a fun, laidback adventure/date night with friends who just happen to be in love + show up wearing cute clothes. ;) YOUR story and who YOU are is my focus when I show up to shoot with you whether it’s an engagement sesh or wedding or elopement.

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A few of my favorite
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my man

my doggo

My top favorites so far: Japan, Romania, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, the North Cascades, Southern Oregon Coast

Meet our sweet pupper Apollo! He’s a Husky/German Shepherd mix who loooves making friends with people + other dogs, hiking, and snuggling on the couch! And yes we consider him our child we’re not weird.

Photo by Mariana Tey Photo

Meet Wilson! We’ve been together since 2016 and are so stoked to keep building an amazing life together as husband and wife from here on out!

Fantastic question. ;) I’m just a 25 year old introvert who easily gets distracted by cheap plane tickets + doggos. I was born in Portland, Oregon and have been living here ever since. Oregon will always be home to me and is my place to relax + recharge, but I freaking LOVE to travel and roadtrip, and am constantly adding to my bucket list of places to go!

…you can find me watching Netflix + eating cookie dough with my husband, trying to be artsy with journaling, redecorating my house/bedroom (ok mostly just pinning the stuff I want to do on pinterest...does that still count?) or snuggling my animals against their will. I’m all about roadtripping with friends, spending quiet mornings with Jesus, and slipping as many 'that's what she saids' in daily conversations as I possibly can.

But yeah overall, I’m just a socially awkward introvert who loves using photography as a way to connect + serve amazing people like you! And for reals, I’m SO grateful that you’re here, spending the time to get to know me + see my work! I know how much time + effort (and stress) goes into planning a wedding or shoot, so seriously, THANK YOU for being here!


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